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Dangerous Minds: The Work of Jack Chick

I don’t have much to add to the write-up in this article except to say that while I never collected Chick Publications’ comic tracts, I did periodically look them up online, for much the same reasons they give in the article. Also, when I ran the Navy Chapel in Newport, RI, I would get rid of them when people left them in the Church. I had no problem with religious tracts (still don’t, even though I don’t partake of that flavour of religion) but I did have a problem with racist and homophobic screeds and the particular virulent stream of anti-Catholicism that ran through a lot of them. Still, they can be fun to read, sometimes. Also, one of my early favourite songs by the criminally underrated punk-ish band Alice Donut was their single “Lisa’s Father,” a bitter, cynical, and darkly hilarious summary of one of the comics. (Possibly NSFW.)

God’s Cartoonist:  The Ongoing Bizarre Cult Following of Jack T. Chick