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31 Days of Halloween

Well, I’ve decided to try this again this year; I made it about 13 days last year, but Master’s Degree studies and writing got in the way. The rules are simple:

  1. Watch a horror or thriller film every day of October
  2. No more than five (5) can be films I’ve seen before
    1. And it must have been at least a decade
  3. Write notes about it

So, pretty simple rules. Of course, these posts will be at least one and sometimes two days late, since I’ll be watching the movie on that particular day and talking about it the next.

Who’s with me?

On Netflix: We Are What We Are

One last post to wrap up the weekend. I saw this movie when it was at one of the local art cinemas in Atlanta. I wouldn’t exactly call it a horror film; more of a creepy-as-hell film than anything else. Except for one or two moments, played rather effectively, there are no jump out from under the bed boogity-boogity moments (that’s a film tech word, I swear). It definitely takes a well-used idea and puts a wonderful twist on it. On top of that, the very end surprised this jaded moviegoer because up until that point, I was pretty sure I knew how it was going to end and even found myself saying ‘well, these movies always end this way.’ It didn’t.

Do yourself a favour. Don’t read the reviews… some of the top ones have mild spoilers. Just turn out the lights and watch this. If you like slow, creepy, atmospheric films, you will love this one.

We Are What We Are

The Best Haunted House Novel?

Reblogged from Way Too Fantasy:

Here, nothing jumps out from a dark corner baring fangs and claws crusted with the blood and souls of your friends and takes you by surprise; by the time you’re this far into the story, it doesn’t need to. It can quietly sit next to you on your bed and wait for you to finish, because it already knows you’re lost.

Here, I talk about The Haunting of Hill House, which I still think is the top candidate for best haunted house novel.