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Poetry Monday: Back to (somewhat of a) Schedule

Still don’t have much of a writing space but things are coming together, mostly due to my awesome roommate both helping me sort and motivating me to not take too many breaks. But there’s really no reason why I can’t go on today. Well, no good reason. Well, no reason that I would want printed in my obituary should I drop dead after being bitten by a random venomous sea urchin, a rarity in the Piedmont area of northern Georgia.

C. J. Casey had planned to spend his last day writing, but decided that he would rather spend the day looking up silly videos on Reddit’s r/funny forum. He died as he lived:  a total doofus.

So, first up is another poem by my friend Charlotte Cuevas. This poem may have inspired the last paragraph or so, as well.

If I find my notebook (somewhere in one of the last boxes I brought over from the house) I’ll put up one of my new poems a little later.

Day 91 — I Could Lose a Leg


Popcorn and Rubber-Necking: NaNoWriMo Survival Guide For Spectators

This might be more in line with yesterday’s topic, but this is a great article on how to survive NaNoWriMo when all of your writing support group seems to be doing it. If you want more of the same, check out Charlotte Cuevas’s excellent article on the same subject. Honestly, that might have been what pushed me over the edge from ‘Thinking about not doing it and feeling guilty’ to ‘Not doing it and still being productive.’

Popcorn and Rubber-Necking