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April Fool’s Spoiler Alert

Maybe it’s just me, but I think the idea of Internet April Fool’s jokes has long since jumped the shark, swam around the shark a few times, and finally made friends with the shark so the two could star in an elaborate song-and-dance number. (“I’m a shark” (“he’s a shark”) “I’m a shark” (“he’s a shark”) Every once in a while there’s a good one, like YouTube’s Viral Videos of 1911, or when a project at Google attained sentience and wrote its own MySpace page. But for the most part, they’re annoying and misleading and frustrating, and not really funny for anyone except for the people who worked on them. So, I’m linking to this Spoiler List from Lifehacker.

Oh, and the Star Wars:  Friendship is Magic? I’m next to positive that’s a joke. I’m also not a bronie. But I will say that the Boba Fett Pony is pretty damn cool.

Your 2014 April Fool’s Day Prank Spoiler