The Fifty-Two Story Project

Come back here every week for a brand-new, fresh, legal, entertaining story, approved for medicinal use in all fifty states, plus Michigan.

Each new story will go up on Thursday, and while it will be clean of typos and glaring erors errers misteaks bugs, I may still edit it over the next four weeks, or forever, but I’m not foisting off half-polished crap on you. These are all stories I care about.

YET ANOTHER UPDATE — As I explained in a post on Tuesday, I have been encouraged to launch this again. The poem-a-day thing wasn’t treating my Muse the way she thought she should be treated, and at heart, I really am a storyteller. The first story is indeed, up and wandering the Interwebs as we speak.

Story 1/52:  Tommy’s Way

Story 2/52:  The Occasional Suicides of Daniel Birkin

Story 3/52:  Double Nickels and Dimed

Story 4/52:  A Shaggy Dog, and Other Racist Epithets

Story 5/52:  Aces




6 thoughts on “The Fifty-Two Story Project”

  1. I look forward to following your blog. Incidentally I hope that your stories are also approved for reading in the UK (not just the states)! Kevin

    1. Unless otherwise noted (and so far, nothing is otherwise noted) everything posted on my blog is licensed under a Creative Commons License… link it, share it, do whatever you want with it as long as you give me credit and don’t sell it yourself. Though I would appreciate any comments and feedback you can give me… I recently revamped the blog and I’m still making changes.

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