Stark Writing Mad is a resource dedicated to showcasing quality writing on the Internet, and, whenever possible, ensuring the production of more quality writing. We feature stories, poems, reviews, recommendations, essays, serials, inspirational articles for those of us addicted to the craft, and whatever else may catch our eye in such a fashion that we want to show it to everyone.

C.J. Casey is a writer from central Michigan who currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia, in between bouts of living overseas and travelling whenever possible (and sometimes when it isn’t). He also blogs and edits over at Way Too Fantasy.

Unless otherwise noted, all material is by C.J. Casey and is licensed under a Creative Commons License, 2013-2014. You may quote, link, or post anything on this site that I’ve written as long as it’s not for profit and you at least mention this site.

The excellent header photo of children reading in Hong Kong is by Tommy Wong. It is licensed under a Creative Commons license.

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