Writing Tips: A List that is actually GOOD

One of the reasons I’ve been writing flash fiction (3 weeks, now… maybe 49 to go, maybe more…) is because I’m fishing around the little pools in my subconscious for a new book, and the short bursts of fiction not only help me hone my craft, they’re a way of baiting my hook and hopefully pulling a bigger idea out. And while I’ve finished 8 novel length manuscripts, I’ve only recently learned what works and what doesn’t. So, here is a list of things not to do in a first or second or tenth novel. Yes, I’m guilty of a few.

Top Ten Writing Mistakes

4 thoughts on “Writing Tips: A List that is actually GOOD”

  1. And all I can think is, “THAT is the quality of the sex in that book?” As it is, my opinion immediately drops if someone calls it they favorite book. We all need our version of trashy, escapist fiction, but ew. That is all.

  2. I only made it through ten. Barely. There’s a great parody review series on Goodreads by Jennifer Armentrout(sp). Link reads like the guide to editing I would wrote if I ever got off my ass.

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