Friday. Ugh.

Just when I thought that my hard weekend was last weekend, my to-do list crawled out from under my desk and started giggling madly at me. Let’s see what’s on the agenda…

  • Another four chapters of the novella’s final draft
  • Finishing the rough of next week’s story, which is about half-done at 1200 words
  • Playing with an essay about writers as cheerleaders, including sections on why I often find lists of random writing prompts anywhere from distracting to insulting. (I have one exception, but that’s because it’s set up like a huge creative writing site, and not just a random list given to writing students like they are some sort of magic.)
  • Play and perhaps plan the next story, which is either another novella in this same world, or a new novel.
  • Sleep, if possible.

I do hope everyone reading this has something planned for the weekend. Let me know what it is so I can live vicariously whilst sitting in the corner, feeling punished, and banging out my sentences.

I do have a few links to share, and those will come later. Feedback on the stories, even if it’s bad (especially if it’s bad) is definitely requested. Next week will see me hitting the 1/13 mark, and that’s far enough in to start making changes, if changes need to be made.


One thought on “Friday. Ugh.”

  1. Well, I’m terribly busy. It’s my last weekend in FL. Packing up begins on Monday, though I am ready to start my new adventures. That is what I’ll be doing.

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