Writer’s Block Sucks

Here’s a post from Bare Knuckle Writer that’s a little closer to the usual meaning of Workshop Wednesday. Not only does she have some good ideas, her writing style is, shall we say, blunt, pointed, and quite enjoyable. This doesn’t offer any advice on escaping writer’s block, but it is encouraging.

Yet Another Reason Writer’s Block is Fucking Bullshit

2 thoughts on “Writer’s Block Sucks”

  1. Anyway! This was interesting to know. It irritates the hell out of me when my brain is on a roll, but my eyes refuse to let me write it down. I wish we could store our thoughts on computers for later after we sleep.

    1. I have a physical notepad by my bed, and a notepad ap (Evernote… syncs across my computers and tablet) that I often find myself writing in around 3AM. I sometimes come up with some great notes that way. And, well, once I woke up to see that I’d written “ALL the molecules have smiley faces.”

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