Light Blogging This Week

So, this week I’m going to be blogging much lighter than usual… I’m moving today. Granted, it’s just two-and-a-half miles away (to Old Fourth Ward, for you Atlantans out there, or you Atlanteans, for that matter) but I have a lot of books. Next week I’ll resume the podcast. I have one of mine and maybe another writer’s work to put up, plus I’ll have someone else with me, and we’ll get to talk about books, inspiration, and sanity, and especially where to find all three of them.

For those of you who followed me over from The 365 Poetry Project, welcome! Yes, I’ll have more rants about writing soon, though this week’s might be about how moving 30-plus boxes of books is a damn good argument in favour of e-readers. For those of you who didn’t, this is an article that Charlotte at the 365 Poetry Project posted about reading poetry, this is my rebuttal, and this is her re-rebuttal (I have a poetic license… I can make up words) along with some really good comments from her readers. It’s been a fun debate so far.

Expect your normal allowance of inspiration and desperate clinging to sanity to begin again on Friday. For my USAnian readers, Happy Thanksgiving! For my non-USAnian Jewish readers (like myself, except I’m from the US), Happy Hanukkah! For my Norse Readers, Happy Thor’s Day! And for everyone else, have a good, safe weekend.

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