Kate Paulk: First, Remove Head from Fundamental Orifice

This is an amazing counter-rant by Kate Paulk, an author who, with Sarah Hoyt, has indirectly pushed me along the self-publishing path. Also, you can’t go wrong by following and reading this blog.

First, Remove Head from Funamental Orifice

EDIT:  Speaking of removing one’s head, I initially attributed this to Sarah Hoyt, who blogs on Wednesdays at the Mad Genius Club, not Thursdays. Apparently, that’s what I get for posting while sick. Sorry!


5 thoughts on “Kate Paulk: First, Remove Head from Fundamental Orifice”

        1. Edited my post… I probably shouldn’t have put it up while sick. If you mean the part about the Feminist Glittery Hoo Hah warehouse, I thought that was a little overwrought, and not germane to the thesis of the article. But I thought the points she made about conventional publishing’s reaction to e-books were worth posting.

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