Desk of the American Writer

writerdeskLaptop, index cards, legal pad, Parker fountain pen, Japanese teapot, USAnian cup from I think Target, Faberware kettle.

Not pictured: Procrastination, Mild blockage, Trepedation about screwing up the entire book BECAUSE THIS CHAPTER IS FAILING…

Ah well… Plunging back in.

EDIT: For some reason, the thumbnail of the picture I uploaded from my tablet was inverted, while the full version wasn’t. I’ve fixed that. Though since I sometimes  feel tossed and turned upside-down whilst writing, I thought about leaving it that way.

Also, blocked is too strong a word. I don’t think the chapter is failing, and I’m slowly moving forward. I’m told that’s good. The cat says it’s not, but that’s because I use my petting arm to write.


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