Poetry Monday: 2nd Draft

I’ve decided to take the plunge and write a poem a day this year. I’m still less than a week into it, but here is one of them from a couple of days ago. It fits in well with the theme of this blog, I think. I’ve also been meaning to get back to writing poetry, since it was my first love as a writer. (My first as a reader was fantasy fiction… which is why I write it, I think.)

2nd Draft

Writing is editing, cutting, burning.
Pouring out words, anyone can do
No cure yet for logorrhea
Nor should there be. But playtime’s over, friend.

Pull out the knife, bless its steel
Pare away from your work
Slice away the distracting, vestigial parts
No matter how savory, sensual they are

Remove everything that gets in the way
Sculpt, remake the natural chaos
Under your tools, discover anew
The perfection from your muse

Nothing in excess shall remain
And the artist, as self-created
Work, shall exhibit
The stripped-down perfection of art