Please Wipe Your Feet

Close the door behind you, too, please? Can’t let the rain and the mud and detritus from the so-called ‘real world’ get inside.


Take your sword off, unlace your boots. You’re safe here, safer than a llama with a vegetarian dragon.

This is my new home. If you’ve followed me from, you’ll find my old posts on the page “Where We Used to Live.” And if you’ve followed me here from Way Too Fantasy, well, you’ll see the random effluvia and run-off that comes from writing articles for that blog. I’ll be a little more informal here, and I’ll be publishing stories as well. (Maybe more than you or anyone can handle. Definitely more than I can.) I may podcast my stories as well… I was doing that at the last blog and it was fun. I’ll have stories and poems and songs and pictures and maybe even polkas about all literature and movies and art, not just fantasy.

As always, encouragement and comments and critiques are all welcome here, and I’ll try not to post too many pictures of me swimming in a deluge of my tears.

Well… maybe one or ten of them.